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Free Environmental Books from the Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, and Stanford University

I attended a session on Saturday where three rather prominent figures in the climate change discussion were discussing the process of environmental communication and reflecting on how they saw the Copenhagen Conference unfolding. Afterward, they each agreed to distribute a free copy of their books to the students in the room as well as personally autograph each one of them. I do not have time for a comprehensive post, but I can list the authors, books, and a brief write up:

Stephen A. Schneider, member of the 2007 IPCC group that won the Nobel Prize, is the author of Science as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battles to Save Earth’s Climate. Schneider is a professor of Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at Stanford University, a MacArthur Genious grant award winner, and “has been an adviser to every president since Nixon.” The book discusses Schneider’s experience as a science policy adviser and environmentalist from the political fighting as well as the academic battle’s he has faced. The book is very well done.

The Francis Beinecke and Bob Deans’ book Clean Energy, Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change, is intended to be this generation’s Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Beinecke is the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Deans is the federal communication director for the NRDC. The book is short (only 1o3 pages, 106 if you include acknowledgments and biographies), easy to read, yet very comprehensive.

Finally, Larry J. Schweiger’s book Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth, makes the case for protecting the environment as a duty every generation has to the next. Schweiger is the president of the National Wildlife Federation.

— Adam


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