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Some Pictures From the Protests

Sorry for the lag in postings.  I have been really busy with a lot of things in regards to the conference and my classes back at Alma.  I hope to have a few more posts up today.  For now I am just going to put up some of the pictures I took when I was out with the protesters on Saturday.  The protests were very peaceful,  I am not sure how the protesters were represented in the US.  But I can tell you from first hand experience that everyone was very polite and had no intention of causing harm.  You may not agree with what these people were protesting for however, you have to admire that they are fighting for what they think is right.  I had a chance to see some of the protesters that were causing problems.  It was mostly shooting off fireworks and breaking windows.  The police rightly apprehended these people.  There are some reports of innocent people being arrested at the protests.  I cannot confirm that however, Adam and I happen to live a few blocks down from the temporary prison that has been set up and we have seen a lot of buses and police cars going by the past few days.  That aside I now present you with some of the pictures.  Hopefully Adam and I can find a way to get some of the video I shot on the blog tonight.

Here is a link to my Smug Bug account with all the pictures I took from the protest.

Ben Roberts


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