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Protests Heat Up

I just want everyone know that despite the protests everyone from the Alma group is safe.  Professors Borrello and Vickery, Samantha, and I are safely in the Bella Center things are a bit tense inside and a lot of people are watching the protests on the monitors.  There have been no incidents inside and the police are going a good job keeping things stable.   Adam and Renee are out in the city volunteering at another event. Last I spoke to Renee (a few hours ago) she was safe.  A bit later Adam sent me a facebook message so I know he is ok.

There was a planned march on the Bella Center today.  The protesters want to open up the Bella Center to more people.  There was controversy about the procedure for getting people in on Monday.  (As Sam and Renee wrote about).  On Tuesday security started to require secondary credentials for entrance to the Bella Center.  For yesterday and Today only 7,000 NGOs were allowed in.  Tomorrow the number will be 1,000 and on Friday that number will only be 90.  This has angered many NGOs who feel that their opinions are being ignored by the UN.  That coupled with the usual radical protesters has caused the situation to get tense.  I just want to reemphasize that everyone from Alma is safe and that the situation at the Bella Center is under control.

Ben Roberts


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