Student Profiles

Adam Ellsworth – Junior, Greenville, MI

Major/Minor: Media and Communication Technology/Environmental Studies

Why Attending?: For too long, I have been involved with groups and conferences in which all that happens is talking. Lots of dialogue with no substantial follow-up action. Many critics, mostly American’s with vested interests in the continued usage of unsustainable practices, are hoping Copenhagen will be just like that: all talk, no action. The main reason I am attending is to see how dialogue regarding environmental issues will lead to action and the consideration of future generations within our thinking. This will mean developed countries working together with the lesser developed ones to assist them in their journey to become sustainable, as persons living on less than $2 a day do not have the luxury of thinking about tomorrow.

Renee Willoughby – Junior, South Lyon, MI

Major/Minor: Graphic Design/Environmental Studies

Why attending?: My first year of college I participated in Model UN, where we went to the largest conference in New York and debated on current issues. Our main topic was Mitigating Climate Change, and after researching and learning more about the subject matter I recognized the significance it will have in our near future. Since that conference I decided to minor in Environmental Studies and became involved in a couple organizations through my College in order to start implementing changes on a small scale and to promote awareness. As a Graphic Design Major I have recognized the importance of communicating these ideas to others, and how large a role communication will have on starting that process to sustainability. Also how revisions of materials used in design principals can alter how others can perceive things. A simple label on a bottle that says-please recycle, can be all it takes for someone to change habits. A current issue (especially in The United States) is building that momentum of understanding and awareness of human environmental impact and how to address it. There will be paramount decisions made in this Conference that will determine how this movement towards sustainability will take place for the entire world. Witnessing  the challenges worldwide and what others have done already can  have great affect as to how we approach them. I want to be part of perpetuating that momentum in my own surroundings and hopefully worldwide.

Samantha LaChance – Sophomore, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Major/Minor: Business/ Environmental Studies

Why attending?: I am a sophomore at Alma College and am majoring in business and minoring in environmental studies because I am very interested in sustainable business.  I am involved in a student organization called Students United for Nature which helps to make our college more environmentally friendly.  I want to attend the conference to learn about other countries’ movements toward sustainability in the business sector.  I hope to bring back what I have learned at the conference and help make Alma College more sustainable.

Ben Roberts – Sophomore, Hemlock, MI

Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry

Why Attending?: Hi, I’m Ben Roberts from Hemlock, Michigan and I’m an undergraduate (Sophomore) studying Biology/Chemistry at Alma College in Michigan. I want to attend this conference so I can see how science and politics must work together to create positive change in the world. Specifically how alternative energy can be better utilized in the US. I am also hoping to attend as many discussions and presentations about alternative energy and human health as possible. I am also interested to see how an efficent mass transit system works. This is my first time traveling in Europe.


2 Responses

  1. Adam, Renee, Samantha, and Ben–

    When I read about this on the Alma website, I immediately had to check out the blog. Climate change, as you describe, has implications across many disciplines and geographical places. I know from my studies in development, this subject is becoming central to debates within diverse topics such as migration, economic policy, conflict, and humanitarian relief. I’d be interested to hear your take on this after Copenhagen.

    In any case, I am very impressed by your initiative and thoughtfulness; this experience, as well as the lessons which I can only imagine will come of out of it, will likely be a positive force in your lives as students and concerned citizens, as well as in the Alma College community. Thank you for being great international representatives of the College and its mission!

    Will Allen, class of 2009
    Oxford Department of International Development
    Queen Elizabeth House
    University of Oxford

  2. Hello Will,

    Thank you for your encouragement, we are rather excited to be a part of the conference. To be able to participate and hopefully bring our insights into affect at Alma College is our ultimate goal. Looking forward to talking with you further about the conference. It would appear you are enjoying yourself in England, no?


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