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It is difficult to fathom how much this conference will affect our future. And will be fascinating to observe how others perceive Climate Change and its impact. I had been to Europe over the summer and was astonished at how progressive they were at addressing core environmental issues. In their regard, it isn’t a “fad” or temporary social influx, but a permanent revision to how they conduct their lives. That awareness was evident in even the smaller establishments and businesses.  I noticed that many of the arguments Americans have made about the complications of environmental sustainability were null and void, as Europe is flourishing and a part of that immediate change. Most who appear to believe in Climate Change have been labeled liberals or radicals in America, when in Europe it has nothing to do with political orientation but rather legitimate fact and what can be done to alter it. The more participation citizens in America have in this conference, the more likelihood it will become evident in current policies and in those to come. I hope that because of our participation we can enforce proper changes towards sustainability in Michigan and the rest of the country.

-Renee Willoughby


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